Backscatter mini flash and snoot underwater rig

Backscatter mini flash and snoot review

I was given a Backscatter Mini Flash and Snoot, for testing and reviewing by Divesea which is the representative for the product in Asia. After taking it to...

Black Magic Pocket 6K Nauticam Dive Pro Vision Pro +

Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K and Nauticam

Finally I got the chance to try Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (BMPCC6k) in an underwater housing. I've been a long time Nauticam user, so getting...

Nauticam SMC-2 wetlens

Nauticam SMC-2 wet lens – First impression review

My learning curve, with wet lenses I'm always up for a photographic challenge. Having an extreme macro wet lens for testing isn't something that happens everyday... Besides...

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