Black Magic Pocket 6K Nauticam Dive Pro Vision Pro +

Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6K and Nauticam

Finally I got the chance to try Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (BMPCC6k) in an underwater housing. I've been a long time Nauticam user, so getting...

Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Nikon 16-35

Do you really want a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k?

I just got my Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k, and already having mixed feelings about it. From what I found so far, it’s a weird mix...

Jaunt Vision Pro + underwater torch Rig

Divepro / Jaunt Vision Pro + Review – 15.000 lumen!

Will they cut it? I was very excited to receive a pack of two Divepro Vision Pro + underwater torches when I became a brand ambassador. The...

Olympus TG5 Underwater Rig

Olympus TG-5 underwater – how it works with AOI lenses

My (now ex) girlfriend wanted to buy a camera to start doing underwater photography. She knew almost nothing about photography, and asked me for recommendations. On looking...

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