Saga optical snoot – unpacking

May 21, 2018

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So excited to get a new pair of Saga Optical snoots, to couple with my Subtronic Strobes. Time for unpacking and checking the contents of this new product.

Saga snoots are handmade of Delrin, with optic glass.

They look very solid, perfectly crafted, and surely won’t corrode.

There are 4 main parts:

1 – Fixation ring – It’s firmly pressed against the strobe and fixed through an o’ring.

2  – The body itself, also pressed, more gently, against the fixation ring. It can easily rotate, once in place.

3 – The optic element, screwed at the front. The screw is also used to focus the light circle (soft / sharpen edges), and set the working distance.

4 – The circular plate, with different sized holes, which can be twisted to select the light circle size, or be removed for maximum size.


Weight: 700g

Size: 157mm X 112 mm (with the adaptor for Subtronic) / 133 mm X 99mm (without)

Price: 650 Euros. (I collected them on site, so I don’t really know about shipping.

Find them in:

I’ll post more data (min/ max working distance, light circle and overall feel) once I’m able to try it underwater. For now, you can have a good look at it and how it integrates my macro rig. Find the whole review in here.

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